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Southern Drawl


Number of posts : 3
Age : 59
Location : St. Simons Island, GA
Job/hobbies : well....depends on the day and the mood
Humor : yes, i have one.....
Registration date : 2009-12-28

PostSubject: Introducing......ME   Tue Dec 29, 2009 1:39 am

As the newest member of this forum, I just wanted to take a moment and say scratch ummmmm...... HELLO!

I've looked around the forum and it seems like a lot of fun and I'm excited to be the latest member of the TwiSISted family!

Look forward to 'meeting' you all.

Southern Drawl
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Number of posts : 355
Age : 67
Location : Florida
Registration date : 2008-12-11

PostSubject: Re: Introducing......ME   Tue Dec 29, 2009 10:51 am

WWWWEEEEELLLLLCCCCCOOOOOOMMMMMMMEEEE!!!! Caryn...glad you could join us and you are welcome to chat here about anything you would like. Sisters....Drawl here is Caryn from FB and poker...our friend who lives in southern will also notice her from time to time on ts as I've set her up and asked her to join in the mayhem anytime she wants, (remember I'm an admin too and can kick her if she gets outa Most of us don't stop by our forums here everyday but a couple times a week so if you need an urgent reply to some concern your outa luck! I stop by most every day to see if there is a post and maybe Snookey (Robin) does but until we have a topic we're really into I wouldn't expect to see much new daily. But in any case, we're glad to have you.


I've got my eyes on YOU!
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Number of posts : 103
Age : 59
Location : MiNNNNeSOTA
Job/hobbies : Not sure anymore Old age
Registration date : 2008-12-12

PostSubject: Re: Introducing......ME   Tue Dec 29, 2009 11:13 am

Welcome Southern Drawl! Caryn to the Twisted Sisters web site glad to have you! jocolor bounce

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Number of posts : 100
Location : the pits of hell
Registration date : 2008-12-11

PostSubject: Re: Introducing......ME   Wed Dec 30, 2009 1:14 am

looks around to see if anyones looking seeing no one leaves a message
]* haiiiii im teh illisuve hardly around one.. boarder on myth soemwehre between big foot and the lochness monster Very Happy waves at everyone else merry xmas happy new year
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PostSubject: Re: Introducing......ME   

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