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 lord of the rings, free to play? how?

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PostSubject: lord of the rings, free to play? how?   Sat Jan 15, 2011 11:17 pm

some of my numbers maybe off. but im going to attempt to draw out away to play for free(and point as a comparasion for some paid features), with the use of a "tp finder" from

first lets compare (what the tp finder has found) to what the zones cost(as of last i checked + hersay for 2 zones)

TP cost | tp reward

Misty Mountians 556 | 170
angmar 795 | 420
enedwaith 695 | 310
eregion 695 | 305
trollshaws 595 145
forochel 595 | 145
mines of moria 2495 | 1535
mirkwood 1995 | 395
starting zones
(lvls 1-30ish) free | 1610

totals 8421 | 5035
(can be cut
with buying
mines of moria
retail box..
more below(1))

ok so we can see playing through the zones and attempting to buy them all leaves us 3386 TP in the hole. Assuming we dont want to spend any real money this could be bad. Especially since now we need to look at Trait slots. as you only get a limited amount for nothing. using this
shows us that traits cost as follows.

virtues 95 tp (per slot) you get 2 or 3slots of 5 slots for free.
class 95 per
race 95 per
legendary 195 per I AM not sure how many of these you get for free, compared to the ammount in game(class/race/legednary).

so lets look at how were going to turn this nightmare of a defecit into a gain. and were quite good at this. Make another character. simple as that, the areas in game you buy, are available for all characters you make on that account, they dont even have to be on the same server, the thing to remember about the TP gains listed are (assumeing the tracker has them all on it) and it also assumes you do every single deed in the game. not so good for rushing a character to end game, but to level even even a second character to the same lvl as the first, including grinding your deeds (do i need to explain deeds deeper? or rather try to) you woudl actually come out wiht more tp then you have spent.

(1) buying the mines of moria box from say reduces the TP cost by 2495 (box costs ~15$) what you get from buying the box as opposed to the digital version is this.
1 month of vip.
which opens every bag for every character that you make(perment for any character loged in as a vip.

bags 495tp per bag per character if bought with tp

every trait for every character loged in.

ofcourse the mines of moria expansion.

the ability during that month to quest in every zone, so possibly cutting down the ones youd want to buy later.

it opens 2 new classes (warden kinda like a tank) and runekeeper(some kinda mage/healer hybrid) personally not a fan of the classes, but TP value~695/ea

you get 500tp every month as a vip, so your 1 free month also gives you 500tp

lets assume 100tp=1$ (seems to be fairly close.)
classes $14
1month vip 10-15$
bags ~15$ (3 bags, 1 character.) so really more when you add in every character you log in.

im not sure how many slots (character) you keep wehn you lose vip. will update at the end of the month when mine expires.

however, character slots, are about 7$ per. (2 rumors ive heard 1] you keep 5 slots, 2] you lose all but 3 slots)

wall of eyebleeding text, numbers and pointless rambling.. yay for caffine.
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Registration date : 2008-12-11

PostSubject: Re: lord of the rings, free to play? how?   Sat Jan 15, 2011 11:23 pm

double post to save an edit.. also worth pointing out if you buy the moria box set you also remove your gold cap (included as a vip perk) also about a $5 cost if bought with TP.. also open swift traval no more long horse rides to certian far off places. example bree to estledin almost as fast as a hunter port.

again may have more info for things lost after vip.. but most of the perks listed are known to stay after subscription ends. unless other wise noted. .. also about the character limites, IDK how you all started with 3 characters and a 5g cap.. mine was differnt. i got 2 free characters, and a 2g when vip ends, even keeping the 3rd slot would be a gain for me. just sayin.
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PostSubject: Re: lord of the rings, free to play? how?   Sun Jan 16, 2011 7:43 am

that tp finder is nice reference, boy you really put alot of thought into this post, not sure if Les or Robin will ever look at it but I sure found it helpful, not certain about eveything you said but if I think of the proper question I'll ask in ts, hope to be on today, yesterday was a bust!


I've got my eyes on YOU!
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PostSubject: Re: lord of the rings, free to play? how?   

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lord of the rings, free to play? how?
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