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 another server for LOTRO

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another server for LOTRO Empty
PostSubject: another server for LOTRO   another server for LOTRO Icon_minitimeThu Feb 03, 2011 1:23 pm

tryin Dwarrowdelf server
little hunter "Bariel"
at 1:30 in south Bree (which to me is the worst area of all) I could actually move, few ppl around, maybe 15 or so, gonna try to check back on same server bout 3 or 4 and see, there was some lagg so it is game related but I still want to see if it's worse later, check back then
Ok, went back in this server at 3:45 (prime kiddie time) and maybe 12 ppl in s. bree near auction house was easily able to go in, loaded fast and maybe 5 ppl in there, went to skrimish camp easily in through and around it then back into s. bree, very slight glitch..lagg, back to combe, never saw one person in combe, and 3 down in perhaps this is the server to be on, gonna give it a good go tomorrow, now I'm lvl 7 and a couple deeds to do in archet then on to combe, I'll see how the morning goes .
Hope you catch this post.

another server for LOTRO Eyesonyou
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another server for LOTRO
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