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 From Perfect World

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PostSubject: From Perfect World   From Perfect World Icon_minitimeSat Feb 12, 2011 7:42 am
Robin and I checked this out yesterday and had a pretty good time getting two toons each up to lvl 27 and 31, only real problem we see with it is that you can't change camera angle other than to be able to zoom in a little so it's crappy that most stuff is over head view, guess they are working on that. It's a closed Beta so no key required for it. Leveling is pretty fast and so far I've made a kinda priest and a assassin sort of, Snookey made mage and sorta a priest. Might try for a champion since I don't see arrow shooters on the list that I can find. don't know how many toons you can make but looks like 6 or so.
on Atlantis server and realhm 1 (not sure if you can change that with your current toon either. But getting to lvl 20 takes about an hour probably less. Not much for skills but you can capture pets to help you out. So we're havin a good time.

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From Perfect World
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