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PostSubject: Wintersday   Thu Jan 01, 2009 9:32 am

Ok people, don't forget today (New Years Day) that gifts drop (into your bag) and new hats every 3 hours (next would be 11:00 am for you central people) and odd numbers are Grenth and even are Dwayna in either Lions Arch or Kamadan...doesn't matter since there are only two hats this year, both pretty fucking ugly. but 10 min delay for Kamadan so if you're online you can switch quick and get more presents than just the 13 that drop into your bag.
P.S. the presents drop into your bag so doesn't matter if you"re afk! Arrow santa rendeer


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PostSubject: Re: Wintersday   Sun Jan 04, 2009 11:04 am

Well, i tried leaving a char afk and somewhere along the line got dc'd so no hats here. got pleanty of pm from Heathen while i did a Christmas quest so i would have some candy cane shards to do whatever with..... the little reindeer hat snookey got was ok, if they could leave the nose off the thing.........
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